Scholarship Mom Tip #117: Beware Senioritis!

Beware of senioritis and the ill effects it can have on your scholarship applications.Students — If scholarship judges check your social media to decide between you and another highly qualified applicant, what will they see?

For high school seniors who have already been accepted into college, there is a very real threat of a specific illness they may catch, or they may already have been infected. This ailment is known as SENIORITIS!

Senioritis can do serious damage to college acceptance and scholarship results.

For scholarships, judges are using social media more and more to check up on the online habits and postings of students. They can use their findings to make award decisions when choosing between highly qualified winners becomes difficult. Students infected with senioritis have an “I don’t care anymore” attitude that often is reflected in their online behavior.

Other senioritis side effects are slacking off in school and letting grades slip, giving up on scholarship searching and applying, and thinking that they are done with school months before graduation.

Parents, if you feel your student has senioritis, warn them about the ramifications of their actions before it is too late. Someday they will thank you for it.

The same advice can be true for college applications, including students who have already been admitted. College admissions officials know that the real March Madness is Senioritis!

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