Scholarship Mom Tip #116: Juniors Start Now

High school juniors start now. The scholarship process will be smoother if you start now and beat the rush for recommendations in the fall.Don’t put off your college search and planning till fall. Juniors start now and beat the rush.

As high school seniors are reviewing financial aid packages and making final college decisions, juniors need to begin seriously thinking about what colleges they are going to apply to and how they are going to pay for their higher education.

  • Spring college visits are a great idea to jump-start the process and many colleges offer special programs for interested high school juniors.
  • Many college scholarships are available for high school juniors and beginning the scholarship application process now will make it much easier when the business of senior year becomes overwhelming to many students.
  • A smart high school junior should ask for letters of recommendation from their teachers now and avoid the rush that will come in the fall when most students contact teachers asking for letters. Teachers and other school administrators will write a higher quality letter of recommendation when not rushed and pressured, so ask early and have letters ready to use for early fall deadline and summer scholarships.

Juniors – start now. Starting your college and scholarship process early will not only help you navigate the extremely busy senior year with less stress, but it will help your teachers and administrators, too.

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