Scholarship Mom Tip #115: Always Type Scholarship Applications

Always type scholarship applications to stand out in a professional way.Q: When should you type scholarship applications?

A: Always!

Many high school guidance counselors have files in their offices filled with scholarship applications available for their students. Students can walk in, grab a bunch of applications, and take them home to fill out.

Great, right?! Yes, but the problem with this is it makes it too easy for students to pick up a pen and fill out the applications by hand.

College scholarship applications should always be typed.

If a student has an application that was given to them already printed out, it is up to the student to spend a few extra minutes visiting the website of the organization offering the scholarship and find a way to type their information into the application. If the blank fields cannot be typed into, the student can use a free pdf-to-word website to do the conversion.

Students — Always type scholarship applications, even if you have to do extra work to find a form on the scholarship site.

Going the extra mile to type scholarship applications to look as professional as possible is something that helps win college scholarships!


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