Visit Campus Before You Accept

Visit Campus!

Even if you are absolutely certain of your college choice, you should — at minimum — visit the campus of both your Plan A and Plan B schools before you decide which will be your home for the majority of the coming years. Circumstances can change, surprises can happen, and the unexpected can become a reality, so you need to be prepared.

You should visit campus before you pay your deposit if possible. While deposits are refundable, make sure you read the fine print. In most cases, they are only refundable up to a certain date, and often not in their entirety.

Why should you visit campus before you accept an offer of admission?

  • The college you pick will be your home for most (if not all) of the coming 4-5 years. You’re much more likely to be successful in school if you are happy at home.
  • This will be one of the biggest monetary investments of your life.
  • A campus visit is the single best way to get a feel for a college’s culture and atmosphere. You won’t be making an informed choice if you have just been reading about the college online and in print.

What could go wrong if you choose to attend a college sight unseen? Read here about Parent College Coach Suzanne Shaffer’s personal experience.

Is it possible to enroll in a college without a campus visit and be perfectly happy? Certainly. But you’ll need to be extra diligent in your research. You can’t just rely on web pages and promotional brochures put out by the university — contact current students. If possible, contact students in your major and/or in activities you will join, so you can get a real sense of their experiences.

Planning to visit campus?

Ready to plan a campus visit? Find a hotel near campus.

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