Scholarship Mom Tip #113: Verify Proper Postage

Verify proper postage before mailing your scholarship application in. Don't let a few cents knock you out of the running.Don’t miss out on a scholarship opportunity because of a few cents.

Make sure your mailed packet includes proper postage.

True story: Hoping to win money for college by applying for scholarships, a student writes an essay, asks for and receives a letter of recommendation, fills out the application, and procures the required high school transcripts.

This student then diligently puts all the material into an envelope, addresses the envelope with the correct postal information, sticks on a stamp, and places it in the mailbox for pick-up.

Little does this student realize what happens when the scholarship provider receives the envelope.

The scholarship packet makes to its destination, but before the person in charge of picking up the mail (who also happens to be one of the scholarship judges) can open the envelope, the POSTAGE DUE must be paid.

Unfortunately for this student, there is already a strike against their scholarship application before it is even read due to lack of proper postage.

The moral of this story is to always ALWAYS take envelopes containing scholarship information to the post office and have them weighed for proper postage. Do not assume that one stamp will be enough postage, especially when most scholarship guidelines require lots of material from each student.

Scholarship applying is hard work, so don’t let all that work go to waste for something as silly as not affixing enough postage to your envelopes!

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