Parent College Coach Tip #47: Trash the New Year’s Resolutions for To-Do Lists

to do listWe all make those resolutions: lose weight, exercise daily, read more, etc. But once we make resolutions, they usually serve to make us feel guiltier than productive and successful. Instead of making the same New Year’s resolutions this year, try making a to-do list instead. I love to-do lists—I make them weekly and there’s no greater feeling of accomplishment than crossing off those items at the end of the day and week. And if you’re a parent of a college bound teen, to-do lists are your bread and butter.

What should be on your college prep to-do lists for the new year if you have a college bound senior?

  • January—Send in the regular admission applications and complete the FAFSA
  • February—revisit some of the colleges on your list
  • March—prepare for SAT II Subject and AP Tests
  • April—compare financial aid packages to help with the final decision
  • May—send in your commitment to your final choice college
  • June—graduate from high school and send in your final transcript
  • July—connect with your new college roommate
  • August—attend college orientation

Within this simple list, you should also add the following:

There are all types of to-do lists: the old-fashioned paper kind, apps that allow you to cross off, add notes, and archive, and large wall boards that you can share visually with the entire family. Whichever you choose to use, be consistent and the lists will help you keep track of deadlines and complete tasks on time.

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