Scholarship Mom Tip #102: Keep Your Application in the Running

Editor’s note: “Keep your application in the running” is an excellent tip for all essays, not just scholarship essays. Take this great advice for any application or situation where a first impression is vital.

Did you know that the first 30 seconds that scholarship judges look at a student’s application are the most important? After all that work on your end, keeping your application in the running from the start in imperative.

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Before picking a winner, scholarship judges first need to eliminate the applications that are obviously not in the running for the scholarship money. And they do that with the briefest of glances at the applicant pool.

What the judges are looking for initially is:

  • Complete application answers (no missing information or blank boxes)
  • Required materials included and in the correct order
  • A general neat and orderly feel to the application

If an application passes the first 30 second test, it is placed into the possible winners pile!

That “possible scholarship winners” pile is where you want to be.

Taking extra care to ensure complete applications are submitted can be an easy way for you to keep your application in the running and propel your scholarship application into the pile that represents the money. After all, isn’t that what college scholarship applying is all about?

What’s the one tip that can set your application apart from most others?

Including the name of the organization offering the money!

Read more about this important puzzle piece in this article.

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