College Interview Time? Dress Appropriately

For a college interview, make sure you dress appropriately. How you dress for your college interview will send a strong message before you even have a chance to say “hello” to your interviewer. If you dress like you don’t care, your interviewer is likely to assume that you don’t care about attending this college. If you dress like a student serious about attending this school, then it will be easier for your interviewer to imagine you as a good fit for the campus.

Dressing appropriately for your college interview matters, no “buts” about it.

“But I always dress this way” doesn’t make sense here — unless you “always” interview for colleges. Odds are that your usual wardrobe has nothing to do with appropriate college interview attire.

“But these ripped jeans cost $120” is no reason to wear them to your college admissions interview. Cost of clothing means nothing. Consider that a good tuxedo can cost thousands of dollars, but if you show up to a college interview in one you’re just going to look ridiculous. Over-dressing can be as bad as under-dressing.

“But this is cutting-edge fashion” is not likely to impress a college official — not even if you’re heading into a well-respected fashion program — since the college is more interested in students who look like they can buckle down to the rigors of their academic programs, work hard throughout their undergraduate years, and then graduate.

Check out these 10 Tips for Dressing Smart for Your College Admissions Interview for more information and links.

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