Scholarship Mom Tip #99: Scholarship Essay DO’s and DON’Ts

Keep these scholarship essay do's and don'ts in mind.Many students miss out on wonderful scholarship opportunities because of mistakes made in their essays. Here are some simple scholarship essay DO’s and DON’Ts:

DON’T skip scholarships just because of a required essay.

DO start each essay with strong, provocative and/or memorable words.

DON’T embellish the truth.

DO write in the form of a story.

DON’T exceed word count.

DO have at least two pairs of eyes proofread each essay.

DON’T fear the scholarship essay, just write from the heart about something that has personal meaning.

College scholarship essays can make or break a scholarship application. Follow these scholarship essay DO’s and DON’Ts, apply for more scholarships, and win more money for school!

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Make sure your essay stands out, but in a good way, please.

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