Parent College Coach Tip #43: Be a Black Friday Bargain Hunter

black fridayToday is Black Friday and those of us who want a bargain have been perusing the ads and being the first in line to get a deal. If you have a college bound teen, you should be applying those same principals to your college prep.

Here are some Black Friday tips that will help you find the best college bargain:

1. Do your research

Compare all the prices, look at the financial aid, investigate smaller liberal arts colleges, and check out the competition before your teen applies to college.

2. Be a smart shopper

Don’t be fooled by all the bells and whistles from the college rankings and all the lists that are produced comparing colleges. Look at the facts and figures before you commit to such a large purchase.

3. Be first in line

Get that application in early and complete the FAFSA as soon as it becomes available on January 1st. First in line meas you get the first crack at financial aid. Once the money is spent, there won’t be any left for those late comers.

4. Hold on to your receipts

Keep tabs on all the paperwork you submit, along with the dates submitted. Follow up with the colleges to make sure they received all the necessary forms and supplements.