Scholarship Mom Tip #95: Scholarship Recommendation Letters

Scholarship recommendation letters are part of the scholarship process. Students should choose their recommendation writers carefully and follow these tips.

Every student applying for scholarships will need scholarship recommendation letters at some point. The following tips will help this part of the process go smoothly.

Letters of recommendation are one more way for scholarship judges to learn more about students, so students need to pick their letter writers carefully.

Some scholarships call for sealed letters and some don’t, meaning the student may be able to read what was written about them when putting the application materials together to mail in or submit online. If the letter is unsealed and simply handed to the student, they can read the letter and decide for themselves (with the advice of a trusted adult) if they want the letter to be included with the scholarship.

If a scholarship application calls for one letter of recommendation, students can ask for two letters and then pick the one they feel that does the best job recommending them to win that particular scholarship.

Just because a recommendation letter is written does not mean it has to be included with the application, unless it is electronically submitted by the writer directly to the scholarship organization.

Regardless of whether the scholarship recommendation letters were used or not, students should also write thank you notes to each person who took the time to write for them.


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