Scholarship Mom Tip #94: The Scholarship Essay Tip Most Students Miss

This single scholarship essay tip can fix what's missing from your scholarship essay.What’s the one scholarship essay tip most students miss? Including the name of the organization offering the money!

Scholarship essay readers are not looking for more of the same when reading stacks and stacks of essay submissions. Today’s scholarship essay tip addresses how to show the judges that you understand and appreciate why they want to provide a worthy student with money for college.

Recognizing the organization that offers scholarship money in a student’s essay can make the difference between winning and losing a college scholarship.

One scholarship judge discussed her method of scoring scholarship essays in which mentioning the name of the university the student wants to attend or the name of the scholarship offered was worth 30 points out of 100. In her most recent judging, only 3 out of 29 applicants talked about the university.

A student’s passion about why they want to go to a particular university or win a certain scholarship needs to come through in reading the essay. This might not be stated in the essay guidelines, but can be a big part of the total score. It pays to name-drop!

Further reading:

Essay readers dread mediocrity. Make yours stand out — but in a good way, please.

It’s fine to re-use essays written for other purposes, but make absolutely certain you’ve made the necessary tweaks to customize for this particular scholarship competition.

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