Scholarship Mom Tip #93: Scholarship Essay Time Saver

A terrific scholarship time saver is to use previously written school papers for scholarship essays that allow students to pick their own prompts.Writing projects already completed can be a terrific scholarship essay time saver.

High school students do a lot of writing for various classes.  All of that hard work could pay off in the college scholarship department some day.

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Parents should encourage their students to bring home and file each paper or writing assignment they have completed, and save the work for future scholarship essay ideas or prompts.

There are scholarship applications that allow students to choose their own essay subjects. These previously written papers may save students a lot of time and pressure if they don’t know what to write about.

Having a specific place to save and file students’ writing from the beginning of high school to the end of senior year is a great way to practice “Scholarship Prep.” Using tips like this scholarship essay time saver can help your student apply for as many college scholarships as possible.

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