Scholarship Mom Tip #92: College Visit Scholarship Questions

College visit scholarship questions - don't miss the opportunity to ask current students and staff about scholarships while you are there.Don’t miss the opportunity to ask college visit scholarship questions while you’re there.

On a college visit, scholarship questions should be part of the journey.

College visits are a great way for students to get a feel for the schools they are interested in and see the campuses where they may be spending the next four years of their lives. While on the campus visit, students should ask questions about scholarships available to incoming students and take note of whatever information is offered.

Visitors can ask student tour guides what scholarships they may have won and which ones they applied for.

You can ask financial aid officers who are available during the visit, or stop by the financial aid office and get scholarship information while you are on campus.

If the visit includes touring classrooms and academic halls, students can keep their eyes peeled for posters sharing specific scholarship information and take a quick picture of the poster to read more carefully later.

Using college visits to find out scholarship information is one more way to find money for school and save time in the process.

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