SAT Test Prep Tips from Magoosh on #CampusChat

sat and actThe folks at Magoosh , an online test prep service for the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and SAT, joined us for #CampusChat and shared their tips and resources for college-bound teens planning to take the SAT. Their answers to our questions appear below as tweeted from @MagooshSAT.

SAT Test Prep Tips

Q1 What is Magoosh & how long have you in business? #campuschat

A1 We’re a test prep company that offers online GRE, GMAT, and SAT prep. #CampusChat

A1 We’ve been around for 5 years now and we love helping students! #CampusChat

A1 Check out our website here: #CampusChat


SAT test prep successQ2 What kinds of resources do you have to help students prep for the #SAT? #campuschat

A2 We offer 700+ practice questions w/ video explanations, 140+ lesson videos, email assistance & 150 score increase guarantee #CampusChat

A2 We’ve also got free resources: our blog ( and vocab flashcard app (! #CampusChat

A2 Plus, you can try out Magoosh SAT for 7 days free here:  #CampusChat


Q3 Why do students need outside #SAT #testprep? Doesn’t HS cover this? #campuschat

A3 The SAT tests concepts from school. But how it tests those concepts is not like school. Prep teaches the language of the test #CampusChat

A3 High school material and SAT material are the same, but testprep helps students know what to expect on the #SAT. #CampusChat

A3 Testprep shows students common traps in answers, teaches students the different question types, and eliminates surprises #CampusChat


Q4 What should students do to prepare the week before the #SAT? #campuschat

A4 Review your weaknesses, review questions, review strategies. And the day before—rest well and eat well #CampusChat

A4 At this point, there is not a lot of new stuff you can cram into your brain. Don’t cram! Exercise to stimulate brain activity #CampusChat

A4 All the best tips for the last week and the day before the test are right here: #CampusChat

A4 We hear this question so much that we made a 1 week study plan ( and a 3-day ( #CampusChat

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Q5 What should students NOT do before the #SAT? #campuschat

A5 Don’t stay up late eating lots of candy! Instead, learn how to minimize SAT stress #CampusChat

A5 So many things are off limits before the test. Too many to write. Read this to find out what not to do. #CampusChat

A5 Don’t cram before the test. The SAT is not a test you cram for, and actually, it could hurt you if you do it right before #CampusChat

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Q6 How should a student prepare for the essay section of the #SAT? #campuschat

A6 Practice writing with time. Practice outlining. And come prepared with examples that can be used for different topics #CampusChat

A6 The essay on the SAT is particular and you need to prepare in a specific way. Here’s more #CampusChat

A6 Practice writing on themes that you will see on test day. Start here to prepare for the essay #CampusChat

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Q7 The SAT is Saturday! Yikes! What should students do to prepare now? #campuschat

A7 Chill out! Don’t spend a lot of time prepping. Just like a runner before a race rest her muscles, you need to rest your mind #CampusChat

A7 Eat well & spend time with friends. Don’t think about the test. Avoid stress & kick back. Be confident in your prep #CampusChat

A7 Actually we have a post that covers this issue perfectly! #CampusChat

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Q8 Does a good #PSAT score indicate how well a student will do on the #SAT?  #campuschat

A8 Not necessarily. The PSAT is not as hard as the SAT and it’s a lot shorter too. #CampusChat

A8 You can learn more about the differences here: #CampusChat

A8 If you do well on the PSAT, don’t just expect to do well on the SAT. You should still prep for the SAT #CampusChat

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Q9 What about the “new SAT” – who will be impacted? #campuschat

A9 Great question! It comes out March 2016 so if you are a sophomore now you might be impacted #CampusChat

A9 Freshman right now will take the New SAT and shouldn’t study for the old one #CampusChat

A9 The New SAT will be a dramatic change. Lots will change and it will be new to everyone. Learn more here #CampusChat

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Q10 What part of the test should I be most worried about? How should I prep for it? #campuschat

A10 Nothing specific in the test, but the length of the test is one. It’s long and you have to learn how to focus that long. #CampusChat

A10 How often do you sit and focus for 4+ hours? Not a lot? Well that’s something to think about. #CampusChat

A10 Each student has their own strength and weaknesses so each student will have different areas of focus #CampusChat

For the complete transcript, click the link to visit our page on Storify: #CampusChat SAT TestPrep Transcript.

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