Next on #CampusChat: The Scary Side of College Prep

If you’re a parent, you know about the scary side of college prep.

Dealing with all the paperwork, the college representatives, the decisions and school counselors can make you quake in your boots. But as with all things that frighten you, exposing the truth can make the difference between a scream of fear and a scream of success.

scary side of college prepTonight’s guest, Paul Hemphill of Planning for College, is an expert at exposing the truth about college prep. He’s seen the scary side of it and helped parents move from the dark side into the light. He’s authored two books about college prep (Planning for College and Why You’re Already a Leader) along with multiple DVD’s guiding parents through the process. A former marketing guy for 30+ years, he’s been marketing students to colleges since 9/11. You could also say he’s  somewhat of a television celebrity from Boston to D.C., being interviewed about college prep. Bottom line: he has the expertise to help you move from scared to confident.


tweety_campuschatWhat: #CampusChat

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When: Wednesday 9PM ET

Topic: The Scary Side of College Prep


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