How Many Colleges Should You Visit?


How many colleges should you visit? There is no magic number.

When it comes to the college search, one size never fits all — but in simple terms, one visit is not enough and more than you can afford is too many.

At the very least, be sure to visit the first- and second-choice universities before accepting an offer of admission. The college investment is too large to commit to attending sight unseen!

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If you are new to planning college visits, we suggest starting off nearby, sort of a practice visit before you spend a lot of time and money. This will help you figure out your college visit formula without having to factor in overnight accommodations and a long drive.

When you get to the serious planning stage, don’t miss our hotel finder below.

Best advice? Keep your mind open. Never dismiss a college until you’ve actually seen it with your own eyes, because anyone can look good online.

The following posts will help you find the right number for your particular situation.

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