Frugal Student Tip #4 – Shop In Your Own Closet

Can you name every single piece of clothing you own? Odds are there are things in your closet and drawers that you don’t even remember.

Before you spend money on something new, go on a spending-free spree — shop in your own closet.

You’ll save money just by looking through your own belongings, and you may find something so forgotten that it’s just like having something new.

This is especially true during Halloween costume season and holiday party time. You don’t need new things that will make a one-time appearance at a party, any more than you need to spend when you’re just craving something new to wear or carry.

Take a look through your own closet, and in your friends’ closets, too — but only if they’re agreeable to you borrowing from them, of course. Maybe you and your suite-mates can work out some good trades.

Big Halloween party coming up? While you could hit the costume store for the perfect $50, $60, or $100 costume, why not get super-creative with things already available? You’ll spend far less. You may even be able to spend nothing! Living in a dorm or sharing an apartment doubles or triples your odds of being able to create the perfect costume without having to put your credit card to use.

Great ideas:

If you still need another item or two to make your outfit perfect, make a trip to the thrift store — but go early. You won’t be the only one with this idea.

When in doubt, Google. You can search for things like “best cheap Halloween costumes,” or “best easy DIY costumes,” or even “best cheap geek Halloween costumes” for inspiration.

What could be more perfect for ideas than 101 Halloween Costumes to DIY on the Cheap?

Maybe a fitness-inspired costume, if you already have plenty of workout clothes!

You may find more ideas from the Ultimate Halloween Guide.

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