Scholarship Mom Tip #91: Use Free Search Tools

On your scholarship search, make use of free search tools to maximize your time.

On your scholarship search, use free search tools to maximize your time and eliminate old information.

Scholarship searches can be a bit like a treasure hunt. Use free search tools to ensure you are using a current map.

To save time and narrow down an online scholarship search, take advantage of the free search tools from Google.

1. In your browser, type in the name of a scholarship and hit enter.

2. Click on “search tools” then “anytime” and, finally, “past year.” This brings up a list of websites with the most current information about that specific scholarship.

By doing this, students can avoid finding old scholarship details with outdated deadlines and changed requirements.

Using these free search tools, scholarship details will be found quicker, which frees up more time to fill out applications and write essays.

Remember, the more scholarships that students apply for, the better their chances of winning!

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