Saving Money — Even When Your Friends Aren’t

Saving money can be tough when you feel like you're the only one on a budget.

Saving money can be tough when it feels like you’re the only person who’s on a budget.

Even if your friends seem to have money to burn, you don’t have to break your own bank just to fit in. (Remember, appearances can be deceiving. The odds are heavy that they aren’t all rolling in the money, anyway.)

There are many ways to have fun and get a bit of a break from school, but they don’t have to cost much, and they certainly don’t require you to pay for supper twice (if your room & board fees already include all your meals). Avoid paying twice!

Tired of being the odd puffin out? You can use some of the tips in our new Frugal Student Tip Series to avoid the fate of Unpopular Opinion Puffin.


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