#CampusChat 9-23: Choosing High School Courses for the College-bound

choosing high school courses

Nicole Lentine

Did you know that colleges look at your high school schedule when deciding on an offer of admission?

Choosing high school courses for the college-bound is an important component of the college prep process because colleges view these choices carefully as they determine your ability to handle the rigors of a college education.

For the college-bound, what are the 3 most important things to think about in choosing high school classes? Where do advanced classes, AP, and HS/college dual enrollment fit in? What do colleges look for when reviewing student choices of electives?

These questions and more will be answered with our #WednesdaysParent of #CampusChat with guest Nicole Lentine, Admissions Counselor at Champlain College, Co-Host of Admissions Live on the #HigherEdLive network. Nicole has worked at Champlain College as an admissions counselor for the last seven years. She is co-host of Admissions Live, a twice-monthly webshow that’s part of the @HigherEdLive network. She is a member of NEACAC & NACAC and also involved with HighEdWeb. She loves chatting with others about prepping students for college, especially on Twitter, and is excited to be part of #CampusChat tonight!

If you have questions about which high school courses will look good on your student’s transcript, join us tonight!

What: #CampusChat

Where: On Twitter using #CampusChat hashtag (follow @suzanneshaffer@pocsmom and @nlentine)

When: Wednesday 9PM ET

Topic: Choosing high school courses

See you there. We’ll be saving you a seat.

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