What does your email address, or Twitter handle, tell the scholarship judges about you?

Scholarship Mom Tip #87: What Does Your Email Address Reveal?

When was the last time you thought about your email address or Twitter handle?

Your email address and Twitter name are easy ways to get the attention of scholarship judges, but it is not always positive attention.

Each scholarship application will have a place for students to fill in their email address. A simple FirstName.LastName@___.com email is perfect. The same goes for Twitter usernames. You should make the creation of these professional/academic-facing accounts a priority before you start looking for schools.

An email address is part of your personal brand.

Eye-popping, attention-getting names are not a good idea. HotBabe@___.com or @SexyGurl will do nothing but prove the student couldn’t care less what kind of online impression they make.

Using care when creating online identities is vital and one more opportunity to use social media to impress scholarship judges, college admissions officers, and even future employers. Email addresses can last a lifetime now. Be smart and professional from the start.



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