Scholarship Mom Tip #86: Scholarship Applications – the Hard Work is Worth It

Filling out scholarship applications is a lot of work, but showing your teen how much of a difference it makes in the budget can help them realize it's work for which they get paid.

Scholarship applications are hard work, but let your teen know that they are hard work that can pay well!

Many parents share that they have trouble motivating their students to work on college scholarship applications.

When it comes to scholarship applications, students see work and parents see scholarship award money helping to pay for college.

One way to open the eyes of the college-bound student is to have an honest and detailed talk about the cost of the colleges they are considering attending — and what the family realistically can afford to pay.

Student loans, an option many students need to pursue, can be roughly estimated and payments after graduation calculated.

Seeing the numbers laid out in front of them is a great way to get students involved in the financial aspect of their college education. It also can show them how working on college scholarship applications can directly benefit the financial situation of their whole family.

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