Scholarship Mom Tip #85: Tweet smart!

Scholarship Mom Tip: If you're applying for scholarships you must remember to tweet smart!Today’s Scholarship Mom Tip cannot be said enough:

Tweet smart!

Twitter is like an open book.

Many students seem to forget (or not realize) that scholarship judges and college admissions officers are using Twitter to find out more about applicants.

I recently read this tweet by a student:

“I changed ethnicity for better college scholarships.”

The above tweet was part of a conversation between him and a peer. Was it a joke? I have no way of knowing. What if he had applied for a minority scholarship and a judge was checking out his tweets to learn more about him?!

APRIL 2017: Harvard rescinds admission of at least 10 due to obscene memes

Tweeting smart and using social media to impress anyone who is reading is a valuable tool in the quest to win college scholarships. Students who realize this are one step closer to being chosen as winners.

Remember, what is shared online stays online!

Further reading:

Students must remember that everything posted is available to everyone who reads tweets. It bears repeating! Check out Tip 65 and Tip 66 for more helpful information.

Some parents may ask, “Why be on social media at all?” It can be a great tool, not only for scholarships, but for building a personal brand that will carry over to your student’s career days. Read Why Every Student and New Graduate Should Be Using Twitter.

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