Scholarship Mom Tip #84: Scholarship Applications – Highlight Community Service

Scholarship applications: highlight community service and caring -- beyond just the box on the application.

Scholarship Applications:  Highlight community service and caring — beyond the box on the form.

Community service is very important for college scholarship applications. Some organizations offering scholarship money are focused on how many hours students have volunteered. While most scholarship applications have boxes to fill out with the exact hours a student has volunteered in high school, there is a way to impress the judges and share volunteer hours in the years leading up to high school.

On the scholarship resume, students can provide the total number of hours they have volunteered for scholarship applications, regardless of how many years they have been helping that organization.

Students can also discuss their long-term volunteering in their essays and add it to the “Optional Information” section that is found on many scholarship applications.

Students who show they care about their communities are very impressive to scholarship judges, so finding ways to share what they have done is a great way to get their scholarship applications noticed and appreciated.

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