#CampusChat Recap for 8/27: Establishing the Counselor Relationship

Bluebird with sunglassesWednesday’s CampusChat, August 27, 2014 addressed the parent / student / counselor relationship. We discussed how critical the high school counselor is in the college prep process. Our guest Shelley Krause (@butwait) offered her expert advice as a school counselor herself and a former admissions director. Other counselors on Twitter joined in the discussion and contributed their advice as well.

Our co-hosts Suzanne Shaffer (@suzanneshaffer) and Wendy David-Gaines (@pocsmom) of #WednesdaysParent led the lively discussion.

If you have a college-bound teen just entering high school or a student aspiring to college last night’s chat will provide valuable advice for parents and students seeking to nurture the counselor relationship.

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