Scholarship Mom Tip #76: Track Volunteer Hours

Track volunteer hours now to make filling out scholarship applications easier later.Track volunteer hours now to make filling out scholarship applications easier later.

You know your teen needs to volunteer for those scholarship applications, but did you know some scholarship applications make the number of hours required information? If you track volunteer hours now, you won’t be digging back through several years’ worth of information to get the numbers needed as deadlines loom.

Summer vacation from school is a great time for students to volunteer in their communities and make important connections — connections that may one day play an essential role in winning college scholarships. Scholarship providers love to choose students who have been active in their communities and many applications are designed around the hours a student has volunteered.

Keeping detailed notes about all community service time will make it easier to fill out applications that ask for exact hours worked for each year of high school.

While you’re logging the information, note names and contact information of project supervisors and descriptions of the work involved. Impressive letters of recommendation can be obtained from connections made while volunteering. Helping others is a wonderful way for students to spend some of those long lazy days of summer.

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