Parent College Tip #20: 3 Reasons Your Teen Should Work This Summer

Three reasons your teen should work this summerSummer is more than just a vacation, it’s an opportunity. Recently I encouraged parents with some summer boredom crushers to keep your teen occupied during the summer months. But on top of the obvious college-related tasks, you should encourage your teen to work this summer.

Following are three reasons why your teen should work this summer:

Money for college

Summer is the best time to work and sock the money away for college. There will be books, computers, supplies and living expenses that add up when your teen goes to college. Working full time during the summer can give them a nice little nest egg to use, especially if they start early. Age should not be a factor because there are many opportunities for kids to earn money outside the normal means: babysit, mow lawns, sell baked goods, etc.

Opportunity to network

Don’t laugh. It’s not too early to think about networking. Those connections your student makes during a summer job can be quite useful later down the road. Often past bosses can connect the student with jobs and internships during college and breaks. They can also recommend college graduates to colleagues they know who are hiring. Every connection a student makes working is one more opportunity to grow his network.


Some large chains offer scholarships exclusively to their employees as we have seen recently with Starbucks. If your teen works for an employer that is supported by a corporation, many of them offer scholarships to their student employees. Companies, such as McDonalds and Chick-fil-A, offer scholarships to students who are pursuing higher education. Many local companies also have scholarships for their student employees.

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In addition to these three, summer jobs also teach responsibility. This will serve them well as they leave for college and eventually secure a job after graduation.

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