Scholarship Mom Tip #73: Create a Scholarship Resume

A scholarship resume can help your recommendation letter writers set you apart from the crowd.A scholarship resume can help your recommendation letter writer provide details that set you apart.

Before students leave their high school or college campuses for summer break, they need to ask teachers or other staff members for letters of recommendation to be used for college scholarships. This is crucial for summer scholarship applying, as well as to avoid the crush of students asking for their letters as soon as school resumes in the fall.

To get a quality and more personal letter of recommendation, students need to hand a resume specifically for scholarship purposes to their letter writers. The scholarship resume should summarize their achievements, interests, awards, community service, and employment history.

Organized students also can:

  • include a list of scholarships they know they will be applying for, and
  • ask the writers to address each letter to the specific scholarship judging committee.

These little details are what helps create a high quality letter of recommendation and make the student more favorable in the eyes of the judges.

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