Scholarship Mom Tip #70: Proofread Scholarship Applications

Get help to proofread scholarship applicationsChecking your own work can be challenging when you’ve looked at it so much the words have run together. Have a parent, teacher, or counselor proofread scholarship applications before you submit them!

When a student has worked on a scholarship application and/or essay for a long period of time, the words they have typed may seem correct, but it’s very easy to miss mistakes when re-reading the same content over and over.

Having one or two fresh pairs of eyes review each part of a scholarship application will ensure a cleaner, mistake-free application and increase the chances of passing the first round of judging.

Students can ask trusted adults such as parents, teachers, and guidance counselors to proofread scholarship applications before submitting the entire scholarship packet. It pays to be extra diligent, as applications with spelling and grammar mistakes are often the first ones to be placed in the reject pile.

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