College Move-In: Don’t Bring Everything

Updated June 3, 2020

College move in will be smoother if you don't bring too much

Now that you’re headed to college, what’s the next thing on your mind? We know there’s been a lot of upheaval and change going on this spring, but there are considerations to be made for fall now. A big one is where you’ll be living. The most important thing to keep in mind: Your school will have specific rules about what you can and cannot bring during college move-in. Check the housing site for your new U before you spend a fortune at the local bed and bath superstore.

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The second question, after what you can and can’t bring, is what you should and shouldn’t bring. While it may be tempting to just pack up your entire room, you’ll only add to the stress of college move in day. Unless you’re at a very rare place, you’re going to be sharing a very small space with another person. Even with coronavirus considerations, you will still have a roommate.

There are great resources online for move-in planning, including what your college probably has on their housing or student affairs web site.

While you may not receive your dorm assignments until July, it’s never too early to start planning and streamlining. Try the links below to get started.

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