Parent College Coach Tip #12: Five Positive Parenting Tips

Five positive parenting tips to avoid crossing the line into helicopter parentingLast week, we talked about mistakes parents make with their college-bound teens. But, research shows that parents who are involved have academically successful students, have kids who are less likely to participate in at-risk behavior, and have kids who are more likely to make good financial decisions.

Positive Parenting

What is the best way to be involved without crossing the “helicopter parenting” line? Here are five positive parenting tips:

  1. Encourage them–Teenagers need encouragement and support, especially from their parents.
  2. Talk about money-Decide early in the college process what your family can afford and discuss it with your teen.
  3. Listen-Parents should listen to what their teenager wants and needs, alleviating any surprises during college selection.
  4. Allow them to decide-Let them make their own decisions; step back and let them show you they can make wise ones.
  5. Be a “present” parent-Parents tend to become less involved as their kids get older; the college prep process is when they need you the most.

Parenting without pushing

It’s no secret that today’s parents are more involved with their kids than ever before. It’s tempting for all of us to do too much, push too much, and expect too much. The key is to focus on the positive ways you can influence your teen, and stay away from the negative parenting behavior that has a detrimental effect on your child. It’s not easy; but raising an independent adult is worth its reward. No parent wants to see their dependent child not be able to function on his own .

The results of this type of parenting have created the boomerang generation; adult children returning home because they either can’t function on their own or can’t financially survive after graduation. Use these five positive parenting tips to ensure that your college-bound teen grows up to be a happy, independent adult.

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