Grammar matters when you contact the admissions office

College Admissions Grammar Matters

Take note: Grammar matters when you’re contacting colleges. This does not apply only to the college application (though, of course, that is of extreme importance), but to any form of contact.

Colleges are full of educated people, as you may well imagine.

This means they appreciate clarity and proper communication — and it doesn’t end with what is hopefully your eventual admission. You can be certain that grammar matters to your professors, advisors, and the  helpful office staff you’ll encounter when you are a college student and, later, a candidate for that coveted post-graduation job.

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Don’t think grammar matters only in formal communications. You need to use proper grammar when you email or call, too. Oh, and please, for the love of Strunk and White, never use text message abbreviations! The word “you” has three whole letters, and it really is not a hardship to type all three!

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