Scholarship Mom Tip #65: Think before you tweet

think before you tweet

Think before you tweet!

Stop! Think before you tweet!

Twitter is an amazing resource for parents and their college-bound students, as lots of college scholarship information is shared by colleges, guidance counselors, organizations, and teachers. Unfortunately, many students use Twitter as a way to express their feelings and frustrations about pressures they feel in their home and school life.

Tweeting profanity is never attractive, but sounding off about scholarship frustrations could be the kiss of death if a scholarship provider or college admissions rep checks up on applicants and reads their tweets. Students should be very careful about how and what they tweet and take care to use Twitter to share their accomplishments and impress whoever is reading their tweets.

What’s shared online cannot ever be fully erased, so always use the Grandma Rule when tweeting and ask: Would my grandma be proud of this tweet?

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