Scholarship Mom Tip #62: Finding Time

finding timeOne of the biggest complaints about scholarship searching that I hear is finding time to search. It definitely is time consuming to find scholarships that the student is qualified to apply for. Students and their parents are extremely busy these days, and it may seem impossible to squeeze even another minute out of each day.

Honestly answer these questions though, and you just may find some scholarship searching time:

  1. Do you watch TV? Search for scholarships during the commercials!
  2. Do you wait for your student when picking them up from sports practices? Search for scholarships while waiting! (Do practices ever end on time?)
  3. Do you commute to work via bus, subway, or train? Use your smartphone and search for scholarships while riding.

The same goes for waiting in doctors’ offices, dental chairs, grocery store check-out lines, and amusement park lines. OK, amusement park lines may be taking it a bit too far, but you get the picture. MAKE time for scholarship searching and help your student apply for as many as possible!

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