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College admissions information may seem to flood in, but you need to read it all!Argh! Not another email! Not another letter!

WHY do the schools I applied to keep sending so much college admissions information?

Hint: It is not because they have a lot of free time.

Let’s think this through. The folks at the colleges where you applied are smack in the middle of their busiest time of year. While they may indeed enjoy preparing, researching, writing, printing/publishing, and paying to send you their college admissions information, they certainly don’t consider it non-essential if they’re going to that much trouble.

If you are serious enough about a school to have submitted an application, maybe you’d better take a look at what they’re sending you – even if you’re up to your eyeballs in AP English or senior-level math homework.

Colleges want to be sure you are getting the right admissions information at the right time – such as an upcoming scholarship deadline, or a note that they can’t seem to locate your mid-year grades (even though it’s very likely your guidance office sent them). Maybe it’s a letter from a lesser-known department on campus, trying to make sure you know about their services, or the housing office trying to plan ahead for specific needs in order to prevent some real hiccups later in the dorm-assignment process.

Whatever the content, rest assured someone stopped doing something else to create that information and send it to you. Just give it a quick read and see if action is required. You might even ask your parents/guardians – they may need to know that the financial aid office is awaiting some updated figures.

Seriously, if you think you’ve got a lot to read now, wait till your freshman course reading lists come out! You can handle some emails and letters – easy as pie. Or Pi. (Depending on your major.)

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