Avoiding Social Media Snafus – Next on #CampusChat

social media snafusJoin us Wednesday at 9PM, Eastern, when our guest on #CampusChat will be Finn Breland, Enrollment Management Specialist for the School of Computing and Informatics at Lipscomb University and discuss social media snafus.

About Finn @LipscombSCI

Finn BrelandBreland graduated from Lipscomb University in 2008 and has enjoyed working with college students ever since. From 2008-2011, he served as a missionary and English teacher in Shiyan, China. Upon his return, he worked at Magnolia Family Psychiatry in Decatur, Ala. where he offered services as an educational and family consultant for students of all ages, often working with parents to help them understand the technologies their children were invested in.

At the School of Computing and Informatics, Breland speaks often to high school and college students about career preparedness in the digital age.


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