Scholarship Mom Tip #54: You don’t need a perfect GPA


No 4.0 GPA requirement?

Students do not need to be at the top of their class with a perfect GPA to win college scholarships, in fact, some scholarship guidelines state grade point average requirements that do NOT include 4.0 or above. (For example: 3.0 – 3.8 G.P.A.)

These organizations offering scholarship money are looking for well-rounded students who did not obsess over a perfect G.P.A. and instead have used their time in high school to volunteer, play sports, play an instrument, and/or be involved in clubs or other community organizations.

Grades are only a small portion of most scholarship requirements, while essays and activity sections give students a chance to share in detail who they are, how they helped others, and how they plan to use the money if they are chosen as the scholarship winner. Great grades are wonderful, but they do not define the student 100%!

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