Parent College Coach Tip #1: Preparation Prevents Panic

Howdy! That’s a big ole’ Texas way of introducing myself and welcoming you to my Parent College Coach Tips on Smart College Visit. I am indeed from Texas and I am a parent advocate. Every parent needs an advocate during the college prep process and I’m here to help.

Every Friday I will be sharing my college prep tips from a parent’s perspective and hope to help you navigate the college maze. These will be small nuggets of information to keep you informed about everything parents want to know, need to know, and should know about preparing their teens for college. An informed parent is a prepared parent and knowledge is power when it comes to the college prep process.

Today’s tip is simple: preparation prevents panic.

preparation prevents panicThere will be deadlines to meet, forms to complete, tests to take and letters to secure; all this on top of your student’s regular classwork and extracurricular activities. Prepare in advance for scholarship applications, standardized tests, and the college applications.

Don’t run around like a “chicken with your head cut off” when deadlines approach madly searching for forms and documents minutes before the deadlines. As school progresses, prepare for every aspect of the college prep process and you’ll sleep easier, have less stress, and your college-bound teen will be able to enjoy his/her senior year.