Concord University: Before, During & After Your 2014 Visit

Concord University

College visits can all run together. To customize your visit to Concord University in Athens, West Virginia, take these tips from senior admissions counselor Allen Smith.

Before your visit

  • Check the CU website for the campus tour schedule and dates of Discover Days, Open House, and events (games, performances
    and such).
  • If you want to meet a professor, visit a class, talk to a coach, see the DNA lab, the fine arts center – whatever is your personal
    “don’t miss” – contact the admissions office.
  • If you have friends who are CU students, make plans to meet on campus.
  • Optional: Apply
    before you visit
    . Then you can talk to an admissions counselor in person to resolve any problems. You could bring your transcripts for the same reason.

 During your visit

  • Take a campus tour to see, among other things, classrooms – and the small class size – and a residence hall, which will be your home when you get to college, so it’s worth taking a look.
  • Eat in a campus dining facility. If college is your home, this will be your home cooking. Better check it out.
  • If you think you’ll need help when you become a student – tutoring, maybe, or accommodations for a learning disability or physical disability – ask for a contact person.
  • Have a conversation with your CU friends to get their advice on being a student at CU.
  • Attend a campus event to see students in a social environment.
  • Admissions officers will give you business cards with their direct phone lines. Keep those cards.

 After your visit

  • Use those business cards to follow up on your application. Ask “What’s next?” (Sometimes admissions staff members are on the
    road, but leave a message and they’ll get back to you pretty fast.)
  • Come back to meet with anyone you missed – faculty, coaches etc.
  • Remember those friends at CU? Stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Keep up with CU’s Facebook page for deadline reminders, Open House and Discover Days dates, etc.

{Discover Days – You and other visitors get a presidential greeting, a formal presentation, a visit with residence hall staff, campus
tour, and free lunch in the dining hall.}

{Open House – Similar to Discover Days, but with an extra – an Academic and Organizational Fair, where you can meet faculty and talk to student organization leaders. Open House Spring 2014 is Saturday,  April 5.}

Concord University is a client of Smart College Visit, Inc. Plan your campus visit, search for a hotel near campus, or learn more about Concord on their SCV college profile page.


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