Attacked By Zombies Is Not An Excuse

computer_girlshockAdmission deadline. DEADline. No, we don’t mean the punk rock band, we mean college application admission deadlines!

Admission submission deadlines are called that because they are absolute, so why would anyone wait until the last minute?

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, how about:

  • Severe storm cuts power to an entire region
  • Online application site goes down
  • School computer unavailable due to water main break
  • Inexplicable data loss on your machine (which, just FYI, could be interpreted by an admissions office as “didn’t plan ahead”)
  • Explainable, but hard-to-believe, data loss on your machine (such as: cat strolls by laptop at 11:50 p.m., backs up, knocks over full energy drink, which soaks into keyboard)
  • Zombies

Of course, in the case of major storms or other large-scale problems, most admissions offices will work kindly with applicants affected, but it is better to submit early and avoid being one of a thousand pleading phone calls the next morning. Most college’s applications have been available since summer. They’ll wonder what you did all those months leading up to the admission deadlines.

Whatever the case, haven’t you been thinking about college for years?  Don’t leave the application process to the last possible day. Give yourself time to breathe, proofread, and submit!

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