Still Deciding Where To Apply? Try a Pros and Cons List

Don't Panic Note - use a pros and cons list to help you decide where to apply to collegeCollege admission deadlines can sneak up on you and for some, they are already looming.

If you are still deciding where to apply to college or which colleges are on your top 5 list, then it’s time to make a pros and cons list.

This approach may be extremely helpful if there are more than five colleges on your list, or if you need to narrow the list down even more.

You can be elaborate and make a spreadsheet or simply use a sheet of paper. Either way, your pros and cons grid should look something like this:

Name of College Attribute Pros Cons
Financial Fit
Opportunities (study abroad, internships, etc)
Overall all look & feel
How I felt when I visited

For tips on getting through the rest of the college application process, check out:

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