A Top Veteran-Friendly College: Concord University

Military Times’ EDGE Magazine selected Concord University in 2011 as the nation’s number one veteran-friendly university.

CU Concord University
Concord University, Athens, West Virginia

What has this small public university done to deserve such a ranking? The list is long, but here are a few highlights among CU’s veterans’ initiatives:

  • Military Credits: CU accepts military credits and has adopted policies that include DANTES and CLEP. CU is an
    official CLEP test center.
  • Deployment Policy: When soldier-students are called up to active duty, their status at CU is forgiven; upon returning to
    CU, they can continue from where they were when deployed.
  • Online Guidance to Benefits: Once student veterans are accepted to CU, the university directs them, via its webpage, through the process of applying for veterans benefits.
  • Personal Guidance: CU provides a point of contact for all veterans who are accepted to the university to set up benefits, financial aid, tutoring and proper advising, and to locate suitable student housing. CU employs a veteran graduate assistant to serve as Veterans Advocate.
  • Student Vet Club: Comprising veteran students and their dependents, the Student Vet Club meets on campus once a month.
    Events include home football game tailgates, bowling, exam picnics, Toys for Tots, and other activities.
  • Counseling and Connections: A licensed readjustment counselor visits campus for group or individual counseling as needed. CU works with local veterans’ hospitals and community veteran centers.
  • Veterans Committee: The Concord University Veterans Committee consists of students, staff, and faculty who are veterans, along with other staff, an academic dean, and the university president. The committee meets weekly to facilitate changes that ensure veterans a viable education.
  • Faculty Orientation: The presentation “Top Ten Things a Faculty Member Should Know About a Veteran in the Classroom” is part of new faculty orientation each semester.
  • Final Approach: CU’s Final Approach program identifies veterans with 100 or more credit hours and helps them with financial aid to complete their degree.
  • Wingman: Through this 24/7 hotline a veteran in distress can speak to another veteran about a need or situation.
  • Warrior Wellness: CU’s athletic department in cooperation with the Veterans Committee developed this program to assist veterans currently serving on active duty in maintaining their physical fitness and performance. The program allows veterans to use equipment and facilities as needed.

These and other dynamic veterans’ initiatives make Concord University a place where veterans are recognized, welcomed, and supported in achieving success.

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Kathie Dickenson is an award-winning writer, editor, and collaborator and is a frequent contributor to Smart College Visit.