The College Money Talk – Does It Include Scholarships?

Have you had the college money talk with your teen? 

money jar bankPaying for college is always a hot (dreaded?) topic for parents of college-bound teens. If you’re thinking scholarships may be a way to make the financial burden lighter, you’re right. If you’re thinking winning scholarships is a lot of work, you’re right about that, too. But it’s worth it. suggests that if you “apply to two or three dozen of them to increase the odds” and you’re likely to win one or two scholarships. With amounts that could range from $1000 – $5000, winning one or two free-money awards is not a bad deal.

If your teen is a senior, then waste no time in getting started. If your teen is a high school junior, now is a great time to begin the process. See the tips and resources section below to get started.

What does the college say about scholarships?

Also, don’t forget to ask about scholarship opportunities when you visit college campuses. Make an appointment to meet with the financial officer so you’ll know what it’s expected and the deadlines related that that particual institution. One important question to ask is this: How will winning scholarships impact my financial aid award from this college?” The answer will help you better evaluate all of the options.

Scholarship Tips and Resource

  • Sign up for free scholarship search sites such as Cappex, FastWeb, Zinch or
  • Avoid sites that require you to pay for a scholarship search.
  • Check area high school guidance web sites (not just at the high school where your teen attends but all of those in your region).
  • Get organized. Establish a file folder system for keeping everything on track. (Download our free Word doc and print labels for your folders.)
  • Treat it like a job. Set aside a certain every day to work on scholarship research and applications.
  • Read our daily tips from Scholarship Mom – published every Thursday!

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