Scholarship Mom Tip #46: Not Without Proofing

Not so fast! Proofing before you click will save your one chance to make a good impression for scholarships.

Proofing your scholarship applications is vital.

Your essays for scholarship applications only get one chance to make a good impression. If you are not proofing them (and having someone help you do so), you may miss this one chance.

More and more organizations that offer college scholarships are using online-only applications in which students can easily submit their information with one quick click.

The problem with this method is that students are much less likely to ask trusted adults to read over their essays and applications on a computer screen as they would with printed applications.

I recommend printing out a copy of each completed online application and taking the time to have at least two other pairs of eyes carefully read through all the required information.

Mistakes such as grammar, spelling, missing information, and unclear writing are often easier caught by someone with fresh eyes. Once the application has been reviewed and any corrections made, the information can be transferred to the online version and submitted with confidence….CLICK!

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Applying for scholarships is most definitely worth the time, but make sure you meet the criteria or move on to another one before wasting your efforts. Check out the Apply S M A R T series, including R – Review Scholarship Guidelines.

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