Scholarship Mom Tip #44: Freshmen Can Apply

Look for scholarships high school freshmen can apply for. It's not too early!

Scholarships high school freshmen can apply for aren’t as numerous as those for older students, but they are still out there and a great early step in winning money for college!

Are there scholarships high school freshmen can apply for?

This is a question I am often asked. The answer is YES.

Freshman year in high school is not too early to apply for scholarships.

Online searching for “Scholarships high school freshmen” yields several results, and I advise younger high school students to go ahead and apply. For one thing, this will get them used to and comfortable with the scholarship process. For another — they might just win money for college!

In the meantime, they should be working on getting good grades, taking challenging courses, and doing lots of community service and keeping track of it now (as some scholarship applications ask for very detailed information about community service).

When the majority of scholarships become available to them in their senior year, they will be in an excellent position to apply for as many as possible. Always remember — the more college scholarships applied for, the better the chances of winning!


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