Scholarship Mom Tip #43: Write from the Heart

write from the heart

Scholarship essay subjects and writing prompts vary for each organization offering scholarship money to students. Some are very specific, requesting the student to write in detail about a certain subject or answering a provided question.

Others give students a list of questions to answer and the student is able to pick which one he or she wants to write about. I’ve even seen scholarship applications asking students to submit an essay that they have written for another scholarship or school assignment.

No matter what the essay subject (or lack of) is, students always need to research the organization offering the scholarship and learn about their ideals, beliefs, and supported causes. With these in mind, they can write about their own strengths, unique qualities, and what they believe sets them apart from the other applicants.

Scholarship judges appreciate students who show leadership and have overcome obstacles in their lives. The scholarship essay is the heart of the application and a chance for students to shine and impress the judges. Writing about real situations with honest emotions is a great way to become more than just a name on a scholarship application and one step closer to winning scholarship money.

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