You Might Be Surprised What Your College Kids Remember

— When you’re in college, getting packages from home can mean a lot, especially when they are filled with sweet surprises. How do you send a little love to your college kid?

College MemoriesIt’s been nearly 40 years since my freshman year in college.  My 18th birthday fell during my
December exam week, and while I don’t remember who I was with or what I did, I
remember my mom and sister baked a cake for me, wrapped it very elaborately,
and UPS’ed it to me at school.  When I
received that cake, it turned a scary week into a special, happy memory. I
don’t think I stopped smiling all week.

You never know what your kids will remember.

A friend of mine had a strained relationship with her son
during his last years in high school. 
When he left for Virginia Tech she sent him a one line weekly text
telling him how proud she was of him.  He
soon was texting her on a daily basis asking for her advice and recipes (he
turned out to be a fantastic cook).  She
found out later that he had archived all of her texts and they were his
inspiration during hard times at school.

Warm College MemoriesA young man at Georgia Tech told his mother that he and his
suite-mate from Sudan were surprised by how cold it could get in Atlanta. The
next week they were all warm and toasty with multiple handmade scarves and hats
from the mom’s knitting club.  Somehow, I
think those young men will always feel warm and loved in those scarves.

A card. A text. A cake. A scarf. 

Do you have a college memory that has endured the test of

Gail Billingsley is a world traveler and contributor to Smart College Visit. She frequently writes about travel, technology, and college life.

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