Scholarship Mom Tip #42: Get Matched with Fastweb

Blue Folder Money

There are a ton of internet sites that list college scholarships for students. Picking a few of the best sites and checking them regularly is a great way to find and apply for as many scholarships as possible.

One of the most popular and comprehensive is Fastweb encourages students to fill out a detailed profile and then matches them up with potential scholarships based on this profile. Students need to be prepared for lots of email reminders, new scholarships alerts, and scholarship articles delivered to their inboxes. (Don’t forget to set up a scholarship email address. (More on that here.)

The more complete the student’s profile, the more accurate Fastweb is on matching scholarships to students. If a student is unsure of his or her college major, they can fill out two profiles using two separate email addresses; this will open up even more scholarship possibilities.

Each scholarship has its own set of guidelines and requirements, which should be read carefully to make sure the
student truly does qualify to apply before spending time writing essays and filling out each application.

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