Scholarship Mom Tip #31: Requirements ARE the reviewers’ checklist

— When it comes to applying for scholarships, you don’t want to be an “obvious loser.”

Scholarship_mom_tip_31It is very tempting for students to apply for a scholarship if they meet “most” of the qualifications.

What they often don’t realize, however, is that in order to find the scholarship winners, the judges need to quickly eliminate the obvious losers. Not meeting all the guidelines is one of the easiest ways to narrow down the search.

Applying for a scholarship with a 3.4 GPA when the scholarship is open to students with 3.5 GPAs and above, for example, is just a waste of time for both the students and the judges.

Don’t apply for a scholarship unless all of the qualifications have been met!


Monica Matthews, Scholarship MomMonica Matthews is our favorite scholarship mom! After helping her son win $100,000 in scholarships for his college education, she founded to share what she learned along the way and now she’s sharing her tips with SmartCollegeVisit!